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Corgi Original Omnibus from modelcorner

Corgi Original Omnibus From Model Corner

The Original Omnibus Company are detailed die-cast model buses and coaches. Each model comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity detailing the history of the particular vehicle and operator. Scaled at 1:76 they are ideal for both enthusiasts and ‘OO’ gauge railway modellers.

Corgi Leyland PD3 Queen Mary British Shoe Corporation 1/76 Scale Model OM41912
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Price: £17.99
20.85 EUR, 22.49 USD,

Corgi Omnibus Leyland Lynx North London Railways 1/76 Scale OM43104
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Price: £18.89
21.89 EUR, 23.62 USD,

Corgi OOC Leyland PD3/Queen Mary Boroline 1/76 Scale OM41911
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Price: £14.89
17.26 EUR, 18.61 USD,

Corgi OOC Wright Eclipse 2 First Hampshire E2 Fareham Bus Station 1/76 Scale OM46710B
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Price: £21.99
25.49 EUR, 27.49 USD,

New products

Herpa Wings USAF Lockheed C-5A Galaxy Dover AFB 70-0463 1/500 Scale 524995
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Price: £29.99
34.76 EUR, 37.49 USD,
In stock? - Yes

Corgi Aviation Archive Gloster Meteor F3 YQ-Q 616 Squadron 1/72 Scale AA27402
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Price: £39.99
46.35 EUR, 49.99 USD,
In stock? - Yes

Dragon Armor Panzer 3 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M w/Schurzen 4./Pz.Rgt.15 11.Pz.Div. Kursk 1943 1/72 Scale 60663
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Price: £24.99
28.96 EUR, 31.24 USD,
In stock? - Yes

Best sellers

Gemini Jets Airport Air-side/Land-side Terminal Complex 1/400 Scale GJARPTB
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Price: £149.99
173.84 EUR, 187.51 USD,
In stock? - Yes

1st Choice Gemini Jets Airport Control Tower 1/400 Scale FCAAL002
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Price: £31.99
37.08 EUR, 39.99 USD,
In stock? - Yes

Gemini Jets Airport Service Support Vehicles Set 1/400 Scale GJARPTSETA
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Price: £28.99
33.60 EUR, 36.24 USD,
In stock? - Yes

Gemini Jets Official Airside / Landside Airport Mat Set 1/400 Scale GJAPS006
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Price: £66.99
77.64 EUR, 83.75 USD,
In stock? - Yes

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